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Range Rules & Regulations

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Updated 1 June 2019

Gabriola Rod,Gun & Conservation Club Range Rules & Regulations (RR&Rs)




1.  The Range is for use of members and invited Guests only. Range Use/Guest Sign-In slips/chits are available

     for all ranges and must be filled-in. In the circumstance that chit completion is not accomplished during the

     range visit, shooters can submit pertinent data via e-mail to “” or via telephone to the

     Chief Range Officer (CRO).


2.  The CRO and any acting Range/Match Officer have the authority to

     a)  Request that Club membership cards and permits be produced,

     b)  To inspect firearms and to enforce safety rules.


3.  All Federal and Provincial Firearm Regulations must be adhered to.

4.  No person under the influence of drugs or alcohol shall engage in any shooting activities.There is No Smoking

     in range buildings.

5.  All uncased long gun firearms are to be carried safely (barrel UP, action OPEN, magazines empty/out.)

6.  An Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI ) is to be inserted while transporting firearms from and to the parking lot at

     the range.

7.  All cased firearms (handgun and long gun) should be positioned on the Firing Line (barrels pointed down range

     where practical) before unpacking. Similarly, all firearms should be positioned on the Firing Line (barrel   

     pointed down range) before casing the firearms following shooting.

8.  The RED flag must be posted at the front entry gate to the facility when archery or firearm shooting is

     anticipated. Each range must fly the appropriate coloured flags.

     A GREEN flag denotes a CEASEFIRE (unloaded firearms are in a rack or on the shooting benches pointed

     downrange with actions open, chamber(s) empty and magazines removed, or handguns safely holstered).

     No firearms/bows should be handled during a GREEN flag being displayed. The use of an Empty Chamber

     Indicator (ECI) in a firearm while it is temporarily ‘at rest’ (in a rack or remaining on a firing point) aids in the

     safety awareness of all personnel present. All shooters should utilize an ECI.

9.  NO firearm or ammunition inside the Safety Line marking are to be handled during a CEASEFIRE.

     Targets will be posted/removed during a CEASEFIRE. All personnel should remain outside of the Safety Line

     during a CEASEFIRE or whenever personnel are down-range.

     A RED flag means that the range is ACTIVE and firing is imminent or underway. You may only handle firearms

     and ammunition within the Firing Line area on a RED flag. When two or more people are on a range, a RANGE

     OFFICER (RO) must be appointed. That person is responsible for range safety and the posting of flags.

10.  Detachable magazines may be separately charged/filled by a shooter outside of the Safety Line (but must

     remain detached from firearm). Non-Detachable magazines (e.g. tubular under-barrel or within-stock

     magazines or top-loading/hinge plate) can only be loaded when on the Firing Line (inside the Safety Line) and

     when so instructed by a Range Safety Officer.

11.  *All firing of single projectiles/bullets will be accomplished within the appropriate sound-insulated shed.

     No “Open Air” or Down-Range firing will take place EXCEPT for shotgun patterning of multiple

     shot/pellet projectiles. In this patterning event, shotgun shooters will use the rifle range and relocate

     down range such that all lead shot impacts the backstop.

     *updated June 1, 2019

12.  All non-Member shooters (e.g. Guests) will be apprised of current Range Rules & Regulations prior to 

     participating in firing line activities (a RR&Rs copy is available on web site for pre-visit study, as well as posted

     within each range area). All non-Member shooters (especially novice and/or untrained shooters) participating

     in the handling and firing of firearms must be closely supervised by a PAL-carrying (RPAL for restricted

     firearms) GRGCC member.

13.  Do not climb on any of the Range side berms, baffles or backstops.

14.  Shooters and other participants are required to wear both hearing and eye protection on an active firing


15.  There shall be no hunting on the range.

16.  No binary/explosive targets are permitted anywhere within the GRGCC range complex.

17.  Black powder shooting will not be permitted whenever conditions are deemed to exist on the range that could

     present a fire hazard. Members will be advised via e-mail or telephone and signage if/when this situation

     arises. When the Current Wildfire Rating Hazard for Gabriola reaches “Early Shift “ or a "Burning Ban/No

     Fires" status, then black powder shooting at our range complex is prohibited.

18.  The following range restrictions apply to firearms use:

     a)  No more than 200 rounds rimfire,

     b)  50 rounds of centrefire ammunition is to be fired per day per shooter.

     Centrefire quantity and authorized shooting times restrictions are also extended to any rim fire Magnum (e.g.

     .22WMR or .17HMR), shotgun or black powder firearms.

19.  All range flags are to be put away and the gate locked on departure.



1.  Targets shall be posted on designated sections of target frames/boards. Glass targets are forbidden.

     Any target used must not present a safety hazard. All litter must be cleaned up before leaving the range, and 

     placed in garbage cans or taken home.

2.  Fired cartridge casings shall be put into designated containers and the Firing Line swept following completion

     of shooting.

3.  Do not shoot at the baffles. Do not place targets on top of the baffles.

4.  Handguns may be returned to holsters ONCE the RO or Match Officer has verified its safe status. Holstered

     handguns must be “unloaded” ( magazine, no loaded cylinders/chambers).

5.  Neither centrefire rifles nor shotguns are to be used on the pistol range.

6.  Rounds that misfire are to be placed in the MISFIRE (Dud) container or taken home.

7.  Empty Chamber Indicator use is strongly encouraged for firearms resting unused on the firing line or in

     a rifle rack.


As of June 1, 2019 Shotgun Sighting-In/Patterning Regulations

1.  Shotguns firing single projectiles (e.g. slugs) will be fired ONLY from within the sound-insulated Rifle Range

     Shed at stationary (i.e. non-flying) targets. Shotgun firing shot/pellets for patterning purposes requires that

     any patterning target be placed at the rifle backstop (with the shooter firing from the appropriate distance back

     from the backstop). In all cases, all shotgun projectiles (slugs and/or pellets) must impact the rifle backstop.

2.  When proceeding downrange, shotguns are to be carried with the action open, with chamber and magazine


3.  A break-open shotgun’s action may be closed when in a gun rack (once proven SAFE).



1.  Never point a drawn arrow/bolt at another person.

2.  Never shoot an arrow straight up into the air.

3.  Never shoot an arrow off into the distance where you cannot see where it will land.

4.  Never shoot an arrow until you are positive that no one is in front of you or behind the targets.

5.  Archers shoot line-abreast of other archers. Spectators should not be positioned ahead of any archers


6.  Arrows should ONLY be nocked on the shooting line (with a RED Flag flying) and thereafter pointed in the

     direction of the targets.

7.  Draw your bow with your arrow parallel to the ground.

8.  Do not shoot arrows with broad heads at standard butts/bags.

9.  If you are looking for a lost arrow behind a target, leave your bow leaning against the target face so that it will

     be seen by other archers as a Heads-Up warning. If another person is accompanying the searching archer, have

     that person occupy the firing line to advise others of your search for arrows.

10.  When pulling arrows out of a target, stand to one side and insure that no one is directly behind you

     (to avoid injuring someone).

11.  If the arrow has impacted some material other than the butt/bag (e.g. tree, ground, etc.), inspect the arrow for

     fractures and damage before shooting it again. If in doubt, do not use it.

Thank you for adhering to all rules.

All rules and regulations were updated June 1, 2019

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