Gabriola Shooting Sports


For Range Use and Regulations

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Thank you for considering Gabriola Rod, Gun and Conservation Club range to be your home base for your Shooting Arts. Please check our Facilities page for shooting hours and more.

Informal instruction is available in pistol, rifle, and archery.

The Club does not conduct Firearms Licensing courses

(e.g. PAL or RPAL). We have links to the course manuals for PALS and RPALS in the Library Resources page.


*Club firearms are generally available as "loaners" at scheduled shoots and for trying out different firearms before you buy one for yourself.

* Please ask any members for recommendations for firearms and if they can demonstrate their firearm if you are considering that calibre or make.


Members should bring their own paper targets for use during non-scheduled shooting, and take care not to hit the ground baffles, target frames, nor bases when firing.


All shooters are encouraged to use an Empty Chamber Indicator  (ECI), a.k.a. a Chamber Flag, when their firearm remains unloaded and unused on the firing line. Normally, long guns are 'racked' between firing episodes on the rifle range.



The GRGCC uses a 25 metre outside range for handgun shooting. There are two ground baffles/barriers between the Firing Line and the target backstop to ensure no ground ricochets will pass over the backstop. All handgun shooting must take place within the insulated range SHED (to provide for maximum sound suppression).

There is one scheduled Handgun Shoot per month and the occasional significant shoot scheduled (e.g. Spring Trophy Shoot, Father's Day Shoot, Christmas Turkey Shoot, Hot Cocoa Shoot) throughout the year.

Non-scheduled/non-organized shooting by individual members can take place on any approved shooting day. Currently, both Wednesdays and Sundays are CLOSED TO FIREARMS days at the range.

*The club has loaner rim fire pistols available for use by Members and Guests.

Target frames and stands are available for independent use.

Please bring your own paper targets and stapler.


Shooters are requested not to use the target frames nor baffles for holding impromptu targets.


.22 Rifle FUN Shoot

This a competitive FUN Shoot for .22 rifles (any sight). The Shoot consists of 5 firing stations utilizing various firing stances, shooting at 40 metres, 50 yards and 104 metres targets . 


.22 Rifle FUN Shoot –Rules of Engagement.

A maximum of 6 shooters are permitted within the rifle shed. The Shoot consists of rotating through each of 5 Firing Stations (FS). A total of 20 rounds will be shot at each of the FSs'. Shooters will re-charge their magazines as required.Each 20 shot phase will be allotted 10 minutes to complete.


FS#1–STANDING (unsupported)–metal silhouettes @ 45 yards.


FS#2–SITTING AT BENCH–2 X paper targets @ 50 yds (front rest only)


FS#3–SITTING ON STOOL (unsupported) –metal silhouettes @ 50 yds


FS#4–SITTING ON BENCH–2 X paper targets @ 104m(front rest only)


FS#5–SITTING ON BENCH (supported by Elbows)–metal silhouettes @ 104m


Firing Line Shooters will NOT use the rifle rack to hold their firearms. Only the “Penalty Box” shooter will utilize the rifle rack. Upon initial arrival at the range, place your rifle upon your assigned shooting bench to unpack,and thereafter, shoot. Packing-up your rifle will occur on whatever shooting bench you finish the Shoot. All rifles on the benches, when not in use, will remain in a SAFE state (pointed downrange, removable magazines out, actions OPEN, and Empty Chamber Indicator inserted). The Penalty Box Shooter will provide safety oversight while firing is in progress.


Scoring: Score-taking for this Shoot is voluntary. Enter your FS accomplishment on the Sign-Up sheet. Re-charge magazines immediately after finishing shooting at your FS and before vacating your FS. Shooters will move (when told to do so) to the next FS position AFTER targets are recovered/reset. Shooters should shuffle their ammunition from FS to FS. The former FS#5 Shooter (rams, on elbows) will rack their rifle and be “in the Penalty Box” as an overseer to the next line of Shooters. Each FS has targets with a maximum total potential value of 200 points. Each metal silhouette target has a value of 10 points when hit (“hit” is defined as any target displacement caused by a bullet).


Can Do’s & Can’t Do's.

You CAN use a spotting scope when shooting.

You CAN use the higher score if a bullet ‘cuts’ a division line on a paper target.


You CANNOT use a sling to steady yourself.

You CANNOT use a personal rest (Club-provided box/sandbags only). You CANNOT have your feet off the concrete floor when sitting

at FS#3


.22 Rimfire Benchrest Shooting Group

If you have an interest in this discipline, or would like to give it a try, contact Ken DeCarle at 250-247-7639 ( for details.



  • On Demand




The objective is to provide an opportunity for friendly, low-cost, .22 rimfire benchrest rifle competition. After the official shoot

(see Shooting Sequence and Scoring below), participants are welcome to shoot informally until all ammunition, energy, or frustration is expended.



There is no limit on the weight of the rifle or barrel length/diameter. Triggers may be adjusted to a light pull, but must be safe.

There are two (2) categories of sights used: "iron" and Enhanced.



Any factory-made single-shot or repeating .22 rimfire rifle equipped with iron sights. Aperture (peep) sights are permitted.



Essentially, any sight other than iron. This may include telescopic, red dot, or laser.



Only one-piece rests (or bipods) are allowed, and must be used to support the fore-stock or barrel only. Rests must not be secured to the bench, or be capable of "return to battery". In this case, return to battery means that the rest allows the rifle sights to remain on target after a shot is taken, with little or no input from the shooter required to re-acquire the target for the next shot.



Ammunition must be .22 Short, Long, Long Rifle ( also .22 WMR during permitted firing windows . . . Tuesday, Friday and Saturday between noon and 3 p.m.). Choice of ammunition manufacturer, grade, or quality is up to the shooter, as is bullet weight, (factory-applied) coating or lubrication, and use of solid or hollow-point bullets.



Based on the Shooting Federation of Canada 50m Rimfire Rifle Target.

Ken D. will print up the targets and charge a nominal fee for them at each meet.




20 rds

On the shooter s own time, but not to exceed 20 minutes, on 2 targets. No official score recorded.



20 rds

10 rds, fired within 10 minutes, on each of 2 targets.



10 rds

10 rds, in 2 strings of 5 rds each, fired within 1 minute for each 5-rd string, on 1 target.


Maximum score on each Slow and Rapid target is 100. In the case of a tie, the smallest group wins. If more than one group measures the same diameter, the one closest to the X-ring wins. In order to count, a group must consist of all 10 rounds, and all 10 rounds must be on the paper for the target to count. Scores to be determined by the designated match officer, using an official scoring plug and template, if necessary.


.22 Rimfire Rifle Silhouette Shooting

We have 4 sand pits set up in accordance with common .22 rifle silhouette ranges (40, 60, 77 & 100 metres). Shooting is done primarily "On Demand", rather than routinely scheduled for this discipline.


+For a Silhouette Shooting Overview, see .


.22 Rifle Iron Sight Challenge 

This Challenge is specifically intended for non-enhanced sights

(Open, Peep or Aperture) requiring 3 points-of-focus (back sight, front sight, target). See Rules Of Engagement below for further details. 


.22 Rifle Iron Sight Challenge. Only a maximum of 6 shooters are permitted within the rifle shed. Shooters will NOT use the rifle rack to hold their firearms. Upon initial arrival at the range,place your rifle upon your assigned shooting bench to unpack,and thereafter, shoot.Whenever you are not shooting, your rifle stays on the bench in a SAFE state (pointed downrange, magazines out, actions OPEN, and Empty Chamber Indicator inserted). Course Of Fire. The 50 Yard targets will be shot first. Each shooter will shoot 5 ‘scoring’ shots at each of the 10 bull’s eye (no time limit imposed). When finished with your 50 shots, re-charge your removable magazine(s) and make your rifle SAFE(+ leave it on the bench). When the entire Firing Line is SAFE, go down-range and move your target frame to 100YARD. Remove your 50ytargets from the target frame and staple-up 1sighting-inand 2 scoring targets.Return to the shed to calculate your 50y score (maximum 500 points).T he 100 yard targets will then be shot. You will have unlimited sighting-in shots.Thereafter,10 shots will be made at each scoring bull’s eye (no time limit). When finished with your 20 scoring shots, bring your gun case to the bench and pack-up your rifle and gear. When the entire Firing Line is SAFE, go down-range and retrieve your target frame/targets. Return to the shed to calculate your 100 yard score (maximum 200 points).


Can does & Can’t does

You CAN use a spotting scope when shooting.

You CAN use a personal front rest(including bipod). No rear rests.

You CANNOT use a sling to steady yourself

.22 Rifle Precision Match

This Match is open to any sight configuration.

Precision Match Paper targets will be set at 50 Metres (164 feet). All shooters will use the same target format for scoring.Maximum of six (6) Firing Stations per Relay. Shooting will be conducted from one sitting/supported bench position for the entire Shoot (i.e. no movement of body nor equipment).

Each shooter has10 scoring ‘bullseye’ targets (5 shots per bull/50 rounds total scored) and a Sighting-In target (no round limit). A Break Period will be taken, then the same scenario (i.e. 10 more scoring bullseyes) will be repeated to constitute a Match. Bring >100 rds to cover sighting-in, duds, etc. A single “Sighting-In” bullseye (on YELLOW paper) posted for use per shooting period. The shooting period is 30 minutes (which includes sighting-in time) from “FIRE”to “CEASE FIRE”. Although there is no round count limitation when Sighting-In, manage your time to accomplish your scoring shots. Any type of rifle FRONT rest (including bipods) can be used for rifle support. NO rear rests to be used. Spotting scopes and/or spotter can be utilized for any/all shots. Slings maybe attached but NOT used for support when shooting. Match Fee $2.


2021 Shooting Schedule .png


Toxophilite:  a devotee of archery; archer.


Our Club has a Field Archery Range situated adjacent to the rifle range on the open field and uses butts situated at 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 yards. These butts are not built to withstand hits by broad-head tips nor crossbow bolts.


The Club possesses some equipment that can be used by anyone curious about the sport.



Infrequently, an Archery Games afternoon is held. The events include:

Balloon Busting

BALLOON BUSTING Shot as a Single player.

10 balloons –10 arrows to be shot.Add final score to Shooters List (for possible shoot-off). Any burst balloons to be replaced by the ‘burst-er’.

Dartboard Games

Archery Dart Board Games

NOTE: 1.The dartboard target used at our Club does not have any Bullseye incorporated:2.An arrow counts points wherever the MAJORITY of the shaft area lies within a pie segment or double/triple ring (BTW, there is no ‘cutting’ a line for a score).3.Double & Triple Rings are in-play for amassing points.



This game is played by two archers. It can be relatively long in duration/time. Each player starts with either 101points (for ‘no-sights’ archers), or 301 points (for archers with sights). The goal for each player is to reach zero, EXACTLY, by subtracting the amount they score in a turn from the amount they had left from the previous turn. First ZERO wins! A coin-toss determines who shoots first. The 1st archer shoots 3 arrows and deducts their amassed score for that round from their opening total. At this point, the players must decide whether to retrieve the first 3 arrows before the opposing player shoots his/her 3 arrows . . . . OR . . . . the opposing player carries on and shoots 3 arrows whilst the original 3 arrows are still embedded in the dartboard butt. Note: the risk of arrow collision/damage rises proportionally with the number of arrows shot at the same target. If a player should accumulate more points than they have remaining, then they have ‘busted’ and their turn is over, regardless of how many arrows remain to be shot.

That archer will resume with the same score they started with the next time it is their turn to shoot.

For Example: If I have 8 points remaining and my first arrow hits #14, then I stop shooting and relinquish the firing line to my opponent. When next I shoot, I have 8 points to hit EXACTLY in order to win the game.



This game is played by two archers. This is a “Kill-Or-Be-Killed” contest. It is relatively short in duration. Each player owns 3 Lives per six numbers (20, 19, 18,17,16,15).

The goal is to eliminate all of the opponent’s

3 Lives/Numbers before having all of your numbers eliminated. There is a penalty for “over-kill” such that if your arrows hit any number(s) which have already been eliminated of your opponent, then that hit rebounds and is applied to the appropriate Life on your side (if Lives still exist). The Loser can always say “I’ll be back!”.



TIC-TAC-TOE Shot as a twosome (i.e. with an opponent). Alternating shooters (1 arrow per turn) –1stshooter determined by coin toss.1starrowcannot be shot into CENTER square. If it happens, arrow to be discounted. 2nd &subsequent arrows are OK for CENTER square. Bows

WITH Sights shoot the 30 yard butt. Bows WITHOUT Sights shoot the 20 yard butt. Only 1 arrow can populate a square (remove/discount the late-comer). Keep shooting until a winner is determined. Elimination rounds shot to determine overall winner.

GRGCC Archery Field.jpg